The tables have turned in the business world. Business owners used to wield the bulk of the leverage during the hiring process. When businesses needed to fill vacant positions, their candidate pools were stuffed full of people licking their lips for the opportunity, giving the business all the negotiating power.

As the unemployment rate continues to dwindle to historic lows, the leverage shifts further from the employers to the prospective employees. That is especially true in the accounting and finance sector, where the competition for talent is fierce.

No longer possessing the leverage, companies need to make themselves appealing to talent if they hope to attract them. Here are some of the traits that talented candidates are searching for in their next employer.


1. Streamlined Hiring Process


If you’re talking to a promising accounting and finance candidate in today’s market, chances are you’re not the only firm talking to them. Candidates today are being contacted and pitched on jobs all the time, which has made them less patient. If you have a slow, drawn out hiring process, you may lose your candidate’s interest, or lose them to another company.

Of course, you never want to rush the hiring process. But by clearly defining the timing of each step with the candidate, you’re presenting them with a more transparent and streamlined process, which will keep their interest piqued.


2. Culture


It’s impossible to craft a company culture that will appeal to every candidate. While some accounting and finance professionals are seeking a comfortable work-life balance, others prefer a more challenging, pedal-to-the-metal environment.

No matter what type of culture they prefer, most professionals want to know about your company culture. Firms should broadcast their culture early in the hiring process. If your firm is lacking in culture, look inward to your current staff. Conduct a blind survey where you ask them what they like about working there and about the types of culture changes they would like to see. Find the popular ones that are achievable and implement them –then when it comes time to hire, make sure you’re pitching candidates on your culture and why someone would want to work at your company.


3. Career Trajectory


The finance and accounting candidates that you’re interviewing want to know what their career trajectory will be if they join your firm. It’s hard to etch their career path in stone, but you can provide them with a transparent and estimated career path. If they’re in the middle of their accounting career and have ambitions to get into a management role, provide them with a ballpark estimate of how long that would be. Is it three years down the line, five, ten?

Another element of mapping out a prospective employee’s career trajectory is to present them with some of the long-term goals you hope for the position to accomplish.  For the new employee to reach their career goals, they’re going to need to do more than just bide their time. Let them know some the specific accomplishments they would need to aim for to improve their chances of furthering their career within your firm.


4. Flexible Work Schedule


Flexible work scheduling is a high priority amongst workers—especially for millennials. A recent Flexjobs survey found that 84% of millennials want flexible work schedules. By offering some flexibility in your work schedule, you will expand your candidate pool and attract more talented applicants.

It’s not feasible for most companies to allow their employees carte blanche on when and where they work, but by offering slight flexibility your firm will become a more attractive place to work. Offering the freedom to work a few days remotely per month is a simple step that could make a large impact in your pursuit of top-notch accounting and finance candidates.

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